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Original Acrylic Abstract Art


Featured Original Acrylic Abstract Art

Original Acrylic Abstract Art

By Brenda Basham Dothage
From The Montes Collection

Montes are mountains, singular mons, on the planet Venus. Venusian mountains are all named after goddesses in the mythologies of various cultures.

Brenda Basham Dothage’s abstract acrylic art blends vivid colors and texture in abstract form.

The work is not a literal representation of a subject matter but rather a more complex illustration.

The colors themselves convey profuse meaning. “My goal and objective with my artwork are to enlighten, motivate, inspire and create an interest on an intellectual and spiritual level with regard to our fellow humankind”.

Each creation brings multiple interpretations from the artist’s perspective. Each viewer will bring a variety of analyses. Thereby the ultimate effect becomes a phenomenal work of art.

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